Cartec Lifting Points, Sling Chains And Accessories, Rotating Eyebolt, Mumbai, India

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CARTEC Lifting points, Sling Chains & Accessories Grade 80/100

Rotating Eyebolt with Ring Rotating Eyebolt with Ring Eye Bolt 8.8 Rotating Eyebolt with Clamp

Rotating Eyebolt H.Q Rotating Female Eyebolt H.Q.E. Eyebolt Twister with Bearing Lifting Ring Weld-On Type Double Base

Lifting Ring Weld-On Type Single Base Lashing Ring Weld-On Type Single Base Anchorage Bracket with Fixing Screws Rotating Restraining device with screw (PPE) EN 795

Chain According to EN 818-2 Sling Hook with Latch Clevis Sling Hook with Latch CARTEC Connecting Link

Webbing Coupling Link Oblong Master Link Sub-Assembly Master Links With Clevis Attachments

Self Locking Clevis Hook Swivel Self Locking Hook Self Locking Eye Hook Shortening Clutch with Safety
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